Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Knitting, Skiing and Sledding: Enjoy Winter

Michigan is a great place to be in the winter.  We cannot wait for the first snow.  Here are some pictures I took from around the house-we live on a very high hill and all the kids in the neighborhood love it.  I was glad two years ago we invested in the Swedish dog sled- this is hands down the kids favorite thing to do.  They even put me on it but it is too scary!  I have a hard time going down the hill with my skis.  The one picture is a view of the winter wonderland from my husband and I's bedroom- one of our favorite things to do is to lie in bed and look at the quiet life in the woods.  All of this is fun-as we do not have a TV and so-snow falling, roaring fires and candle light are all part of our "show time."  Right now I am working on a hat to go with my husbands scarf for Valentines Day.  People were emailing me and asking for pics of the scarf.  Here is the one I made my husband underneath mine (the one I made for myself)- it is chunky wool in the seed stitch-he loves it and wears it with everything!  We were taking dinner at a small French bistro and I snapped this photo of him when he was looking dapper in it!  Well, wishing you a wonderful warm and exciting winter- get out there and enjoy the beauty the earth has to offer.

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