Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Angels and Stockings-Making a Waldorf Christmas

Its no secret-a Waldorf holiday is all about the crafts. This year we returned to the merino angel theme-but this time-instead of making 20 for family and friends!!  We opted to make some for ourselves.  Originally we planned to make them for our tree but alas, as we temporarily hung them in our cuisine above our table-we could not transfer them to the tree.  These are a simple joy to make and this year my older children made some by themselves and my little guy worked on them easily with my guided help.  I also opted to making them rainbow colors of the chakras and also add a few white feathers to spruce them up.   Our last picture here is the good old stocking advent calendar.  This goes along nicely with our stories of Mary and Joseph and the road they took to Bethlehem.  We made this three years ago and it took us a month and a half to make!!  We worke on it daily and took a month off of homeschooling-but well worth it as we enjoy it year after year.  Right now I am making a dress for my daughter- she loves little house on the prairie so I am sewing an old fashioned creme muslin colored dress for her with Princess sleeves-it is very plain but my daughter is extremely conservative.  I am almost done and she is so excited-will post pictures of that next!
Hope you are all having a wonderful loving Holiday season!
Much Love,

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