Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Draw a Waldorf Tree-Block Crayons and Calligraphy Pen

A quick sketch with a pen

Today was a day of art.  With spring coming, my children have been busy drawing and writing poems-dancing....we are all in a joyous spirit.  We have been studying Botany by Charles Kovacs and New Eyes for Plants for over a year.  The subject of trees came up today and the kids were saying how difficult it was- I told them to use their minds eye and the less detail the better.  In the typical waldorf tradition I took my calligraphy pens and three simple beeswax block crayon colors- red, blue and yellow- et voila-
The hope of spring is revealed in der Baum- Wunderbar!  Hope this inspires you to get outdoors-and if you cannot in this radioactive fallout at this time.  Use your minds eye to make that tree of life, L'arbre de la vie- that inspires you to live and keep living.  We are also starting on the resurrection stories of Christ right now, we do this every year.  We also set up a cave with Jesus and then I remove the Jesus on Easter.  Will post pics soon!
Happy Spring!

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