Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Unschooling in Portland: C-Section Eye Opening Truths....

This is the most informative birth exhibit- at OMSI.  As I posted in the previous blog about the beautiful vaginal birth exhibit they had and about how they had a room of all embryos and fetuses in their various stages. Well, equally compelling was the C-Section exhibit.  They described c-section as a very serious surgery and also showed how there has been a dramatic increase in the USA-and not for a good reason.  Then this picture exhibit- was like the house of horrors- I saw children standing around it gasping.  Invigorated- I thought one day these children will grow up and think twice when presented with the "fun and fashionable" c-section!  More pics tomorrow.


  1. This reminds me what I had to live 3 months ago :( my baby was podalic and had to be born with this sad method.
    I had a panic attack with anesthetic .... then after some minutes he went out and I could hold him in my arms , they take him away :(
    I try to dont think to much in that. this wasn't the best for him, I know....

  2. Dear Alessandra- no birth is perfect- and more importantly-it is a process of us women-rebirthing ourselves : ) You can reattach with your son- get the book "Holding Time" by Dr. Martha Welch


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