Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Monday, January 3, 2011

Homemade Dresses- the Joy of Creating! Happy New Year

Here is the muslin cotton dress I made my daughter.  Her and I worked on it together, princess sleeves, simple pearl buttons and floral embroidery along the collar.  It was a basic pattern that I borrowed from a friend her and I decided to add the buttons and emroidery to make it more interesting.  She loves it- she has been wearing it day and night. It is ankle length, she says it reminds her of "Little House on the Prairie."  This was my last big project of 2010- right now we are working on a black cashmere and silk hat for my husband and a merino wool scarf and hat for my 13 year old son.  After this I would really like to get back to my dream of knitting animals- toys- however, my family always needs wool mittens, hats and scarves- year after year.  The good news is, my daughter got a job- a woman from a boutique store saw our angels and asked if she could carry them in her store- I gave the torch to my daughter and asked her if she was ready to make some money and she was up for the challenge.  So, looks like we will be making some more angels for stores around our metro Detroit area.  Wishing you a wonderful 2011- even though the year equals 13- a bad luck karmic year- this should make us all work harder to bring in love and goodness-and peace on earth.
Happy New Year,

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  1. A Holiday Thought...

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    So then humans spend billions of dollars torturing and killing millions more animals to look for cures for these diseases.

    Elsewhere, millions of other human beings are being killed by hunger and malnutrition because food they could eat is being used to fatten domestic animals.

    Meanwhile, few people recognize the absurdity of humans, who kill so easily and violently, and once a year send out cards praying for "Peace on Earth."

    ~Revised Preface to Old MacDonald's Factory Farm by C. David Coates~


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