Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crystal Stars: Beads, Wire, Ribbon and a Needle-Nose Plier!

Just recovering from our magical Christmas.  We spent Christmas Eve making these crystal snowflakes- however, my eight year old made a few- non fatal mistakes and his became the Star of Bethlehem.  We make a few of these every year.  I always imagine us filling our entire tree with these but each one takes about two hours to make.    My husband loved his scarf- and I am so proud to have finished it in time, we worked day and night on it.  We had lots of snow here so the kids played outside on their Swedish dog sled (kick sled) we had it imported and they love it- I have to say I do as well.  My husband and I went cross country skiing around the yard- we live on several acres plus on a very large hill so there are always a myriad of winter activities to do.  It was a dreamy Christmas, lots to be thankful for-especially for such a beautiful, wonderful husband that does so much for us everyday.  Anyway- wishing you a Happy New Year!  Keep crafting for love : )

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  1. Your the best Christmas gift ever- I love you babe!!


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