Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Amazing Daughters Wonderful Voice

Many of you know my daughter is an amazing musician and singer- she works tirelessly.   Three years ago my children published their first music program, now things have really taken off. She is writing music and singing.   The story behind her singing is a very interesting story.  She started out as an extremely shy and temperamental baby and child.  She would never talk to or go to anyone but me.  People were so hard on me about her, they would say I needed to leave her in daycare. I used to do Irish dance shows and would end up holding her half the way through-as she would scream and crawl onto the stage.  I am proud to say I have never left my children with anybody but their Grandparents, and even then it was only a few times a year.  I never gave up on my daughter and knew the only way to conquer her extreme distrust with strangers is with love and attachment.  She is so funny- she used to call everyone "humans" until she was 9.  So, with an intense melancholy child like this, I followed the Waldorf prescription for melancholia which is singing lessons.  I didn't have money to do piano lessons and Irish dance, so- I bought an Idiot  guide to singing and taught my children.  I kept a separate blog called the singing project and I started singing and then within a few months my daughter started singing. My older son a choleric/sanguine- came easy to him.  But once my daughter developed her voice- I couldn't believe the power within that small shy child.  WIthin one year-she dropped that shy fearful demeanor and was singing in front of everyone.  Now today she pursues her dream on being a singer.  She experience the sheer joy of singing just to sing.  I am proud to post her  13th Judy Garland video.  Hope you enjoy.

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