Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pentatonic Music and Foreign Language: Children Are Left Behind Without Them!

This is a cover for the children and I's music and foreign language program.  I have learned many things about foreign language over the years- taking an entire year in college of just French and German, healing my son of autism, sending my children to "L'Ecole de Francaise," and finally studying Waldorf philosophy with Tara McKnight, a Waldorf teacher-it has been a journey of trial, error and enlightenment.

You can read more about the research and importance of music and foreign language in my book "Beyond Natural Cures," in which I interviewed a professor of music from UofM. Clearly, as you Waldorfers already know, health in education is of primary importance.  On a health scale of constitionality- I rate therapeutic education such as Waldorf methods-as fourth, coming after conception and birth and the importance of attachment in the first years of life. Education and wellness, truly coincide.

My mistakes, such as starting piano too early with my older children and my triumphs such as spending a year re-establishing their missing music "keys" by using pentatonic scales and Waldorf instruments-choroi flutes, auris glockenspiels and lyres- is all apart of the story.
This is how the "AMHC" program was born.  Initially my children and I just made it for themselves and then the need to share it became more obvious as I found the pentatonic music selection to be incomplete. You can watch the movie trailer for the AMHC on my website and youtube.com.  This year I will be moving the AMHC to Lulu and Amazon-until then visit my website beyondnaturalmedicine.com to learn more and purchase.

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