Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wood Color Sudoku- Simple, Important Game for Children

You might be thinking I am talking about that tiny Chinese marble color sudoku-well, I am not.  This one is beautifully handcarved and from Germany. It is beautiful enough to just leave out-and no one can help to play with it. With only 16 balls and four colors-it is simple enough to work out in as little as 5 to ten minutes.  It also helps with math concepts- multiplication up to four and other skills.  I love this game and even though my son is almost 8 it is still a challenge.  The older kids can do it quickly but enjoy the challenge as well.  This game and shut the box are two math wood games that were an important part of our math foundation in the early years-and you know as Waldorfers I am talking about 6-7 ; )

The German Color Sudoku is available at my favorite store the woodenwagontoys.com

Have fun learning...Aurore

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  1. How cool there is a wooden version! I love wooden wagon, too. They're having free shipping until the 11th, I think, but looks like the game is sold out!

    Aurore, which version of shut the box do you have? I have wanted to get this game for a long time now, but there is a classic (gorgeous but expensive) version and several others. Any recs? Thanks!

  2. I only have the number 9- but I wish I had bought the 12, I only paid about $12, about five years ago...I used to have the kids roll- and actually write out the math problems and then see how many different number combinations will equal the total...

  3. Cool! I have to admit, when I first read that, I thought you meant you had your kids get on the floor and roll around! LOL! I get it now, though! (it's been a long day...) but it's very Waldorf how you suggest it, isn't it! And thanks for the tip about buying the 12 - I didn't even know there were options like that, but I'll look for one with 12! Thanks!


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