Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Foreign Language: Spanish

I am not a big fan of workbooks-but I have relied on them some what for foreign language.  This is where I deviate from traditional Waldorf.  My seven year old has been working out of Spanish and French workbooks.  I have been very happy with School Zones big bilingual books.  He just finished the preschool book and is now starting on the kindergarten.  I am not pushing him in these areas- and we work on the slowly-mostly to develop conversations about foreign language.  As I am just learning spanish myself- I need it more than he does!  Today's lesson we talked about placement- encima-which is on, debajo- under, junto- by and adentro which is in.  Then we added a few new vocab words- flores, perros and gatos.  We also learned- Cuantros/Cuantras-with this we formed simple questions- example: Cuantros perros hay debajo de la mesa....
Right now we only work out of those books once a week. The only thing we do everyday is me reading stories, art, music and forms.  My son is getting better with his writing and it is simple enough because we made our Waldorf letters last year with the book "The Waldorf Alphabet" above.  We took block crayons- made the earth, grass and sky- and formed pictures- slowly.  It took us about two months but he enjoyed it. 
I especially enjoy the wonderful availability we have in the States for Spanish resources.  All of my french I have to pay in euros and have it imported from the FNAC.  For German, I have hardly anything- mostly odds and ends books I picked up from used book stores and muzzy workbooks.
More on language coming soon- and of course, check out my Waldorf Pentatonic Music and Foreign Language program the AMHC : )
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  1. Sounds like you are doing wonderful things in your home regarding foreign language! Some Waldorf teachers do use books, and I think that you know your children best and what will work with them. BTW...I put a link to your music program via Earthschooling in my resource list in my Foreign Language in the Dell eBook (www.syrendell.etsy.com) since you feature songs in other languages. :)


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