Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Block Crayons for First Graders

I am a big fan of block crayons, I considered myself an artist before them as I paint for a hobby-but after working on block crayons for the last three years-the concept and use has changed the way I see and make art. This is no different for my children however for them it is advantageous because it is all developmental. So, they learn by using, with a primary focus of blending colors to make other colors and if you don't know already-waldorf starts out with just yellow, blue and red-no black or other colors added until later.  I started out using the book above by De Francesca.  However, I found many of these exercises incomplete for younger children, though highly sufficient for older children and myself.  So, I created some exercises from waldorf watercolor painting books (the one from Barbara Dewey, waldorf without walls).  Then I started to make my own ideas up.  As I could see my 7 year old was still not able to move beyond basic developmental concepts.  The expanded color wheel above was one of my inventions.  This is a basic blended color wheel that was reworked in different positions.  It was highly effective and the results were rewarding to my son.....

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  1. We love our block crayons, too! Sigi's video and book really helped us "get it". Your version of the color wheel is really creative. We'll have to try that out! :)


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