Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Angels for Ornaments and Gifts: Easy and Beautiful

Making these angels have become a holiday tradition in our home. It only takes 20 minutes to put these together. The beauty of them come from using the finest merino wool-this creates an etheric effect. I originally got this idea from Echos of a Dream, one of my favorite blogspots several years ago. Now I have developed some of my own styles and technique. Here are the instructions on how to make one your self. I bought all of my equipment from Weir Dolls in Ann Arbor.
  • Angel white merino wool- I always buy a couple ounces to have on hand-you will need aprox. 13 inches for a six inch angel body plus a little more for the arms.
  • A different type of white wool for the wings- I resorted to using a bit of glistening acrylic and acrylic gold for the wings- because I wanted to contrast the merino.
  • Thin ribbon to hang the angel-you will need approx 12 inches or more per angel
  • Colored wool fairy roving for the hair, I used curly rainbow for these-
  • a dry felting set (needle and board)
Lay out 13 inches of angel wool and knot it in the middle (the knot will be the head). Take a very small wisp of wool and wrap it under the knot for the neck.
Take a small piece aprox. 6 inches of angel wool for the arms and knot it on each ends (these will be the hands)
Lift the middle of the angel body up (the two sides front and back brought together from the knot, open this) and place the arms up inside of the body close to the head.
Make wings by cutting 6 inch wisps of gold and white your choice wool/acrylic
needle felt them to the back.
Cut ribbon and attach it around the front of the waist to the back and have it come back up to the front-crossing at the chest and ending behind the neck.
Tie it off and leave the rest of it there to hang.
Add the hair: your choice-angels can be wild or mild....needle felt it like a part down the middle, then twist some of the gold around it, felt it down as well for the halo.
Pull the ribbon up through the hair- et voila-a magical merino angel of your own :)
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there is many more pictures and ideas.....

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