Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mothers Day Gifts of Music

So I have been a bit silent this last week or so- things are speeding up here for spring.  In the spring we spend alot of time on video taping the music we have been working on.
I have been working on the intro for hearts Crazy on You on guitar and my son has just finished these two AMAZING pieces.  He is so sweet to perform the music from the movie The Piano, as he knows that is my favorite movie and also the music from the soundtrack is my favorite as well.  Last year he broke my beloved CD-and my angel worked on it tirelessly all winter long to present this to me for mothers day.  I hope you enjoy it and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY- to all of you amazing women who make magic in your childrens lives every day!


  1. He sounds amazing! What a loving, sensitive soul he is to work so tirelessly for this most special gift for his wonderful momma!

    p.s. Did you ever see "Impromptu" with Judy Davis? Pls. see it if you haven't ;D


  2. Thank You and have a wonderful Mothers day Jen!!
    Yes, I did see that-and I love Judy Davis- but I hated that film...especially the way Hugh Grant portrayed Chopin...there is a much better film about Georges Sand and Chopin- Juliette Binoche does an amazing job...I can't remember the name..

  3. Great post! Any mom that will hear that song will surely be appreciate it and touched. Thanks for sharing this post.

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