Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Waldorf Writing Skills and Foreign Language: Uncial Calligraphy, Block crayons and Spanish

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Many of you know I teach my children three languages from my music/language program the AMHC.  My children are most fluent in French and can read and write in French at about a third grade level.  Following that is German which they are at a first grade level and Spanish is mostly about prononuciation and vocabulary right now.  We have been getting into our local Spanish culture and attending a Spanish mass for the local Mexican community.  My daughter especially loves the Guadalupe so I painted this 7 foot Guadalupe in my yoga studio. 

Last year while working on our penmanship skills- I decided to work on some Spanish poems and prayers.  The kids liked this idea and some clips of them saying it can be seen on my other blog with the homeschooling video.  Above you see a traditional Waldorf writing tablet.  One side my daughter made a block crayon picture of Mary the Queen of Heaven and then on the opposite side is the prayer she wrote in uncial.  We did this all of last year until the two older children had developed their writing styles.  My daughter prefers copperplate and my son prefers uncial.  I will post some more blogs on writing styles.  The book Confetti above is a wonderful Spanish poetry book for kids.  De Colores is a BEAUTIFUL music CD and song book.

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