Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Form Drawing for Pre-teens: Years of Experience and Wonder

So, here are some examples of my 12 and 13 year olds advanced form drawings.  They have been doing form drawing for five years.  This is the last part of our lesson as we are now taking a break to merge our form drawing, clay modeling and block crayons with the drawing of animals. The foundation of form drawing-as I said before, is to develop penmanship, drawing skills, hand eye coordination and to bridge right and left brain concepts.  It also helps to develop concepts in geometry. Forms are always done with right and left hand.  Not shown here is their circles, straight lines and wavy lines which are done before the new form is assimilated.  First done on the chalkboard and then the second time in their waldorf drawing books. Only one new form is completed each day.....

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  1. The form drawings look quite complicated - the children did a great job with them. It reminded me of the video you did with your music program when your children were a bit younger and walking the forms outside. I loved it! What a great foundation! I'm really enjoying your blog.

  2. Thank you Dear Jen, I am enjoying yours too- I am guilty of working exclusively on only a few things and not venturing out- you really keep your lessons alive. I am glad you liked the music program I am presently moving it to lulu...

  3. Hi Aurore
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog yesterday:) These form drawings are wonderful and just what I need for my oldest daughter:)You have a wonderful blog:)


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