Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

St. Nicholas Day: It's More than Just Shoes!!

This is a picture of St. Nick day at our house, it is more than just filling shoes with goodies. St. Nicks day is the 6th of December. We prepare for it a week a head of time telling St. Nick stories about his life. Each night we tell a story for a different stage of his life. The enchanting story is one of understanding, sharing and giving to those in need. One aspect of the St. Nick stories that I appreciate is his ability to see the "need" in a bullies eyes and to reach out with his eyes of love and understanding and melt peoples hearts and defenses. Some of my children's favorite St. Nick stories are in the Wynstone Press Winter Season book we bought from Bob and Nancys (see my other blog on writing).

Plenty of interesting songs and stories about St. Nick, their favorite is the one where St. Nick rides down on his white steed from the planets down to earth before Mary and the Christ child....it is a beautiful scene of words-and every year when my children hear it they feel compelled on their own to make pictures with their block crayons of it. Don't look at St. Nicks day as another capitalistic holiday-it is important and sets a good foundation for the selfless giving that we give to our own children and eachother-all seasons of the year! Next year we will make the traditional St. Nick-this year we made the wool santa (see blog on santa).
Happy St. Nicks day, its not too late to create one of your own...

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