Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wool and Clay Snowmen with Video about a French Snowman!

Never under-estimate the power of the snowman..... my seven year old continues to make snowmen, year after year, it gives him a sense of accomplishment especially because he always sees his older siblings working on more intricate clay models. As part of waldorf we work with this natural clay above, this is a modelling clay from Germany-then every six months we take out the Lyra-natural permanent clay- shown on the top. I bought bags and bags of this two years ago through a Mercurius buying group- it was not expensive, but the shipping was outrageous because it is so heavy. But the results are rewarding and of course it gives you peace of mind knowing your children are not being exposed to harmful chemicals and poisons lurking in they clay-we know in the USA, the non-toxic label on playdough and other toys is really useless.....

Because my little one is still learning the art of waldorf clay modelling-by forming the sphere first and then the egg- he is very happy to just stick with the sphere shape!
At the top is a picture of a beautiful fluffy merino wool snowman I made with the older children, I lightly dry felted the merino around three hard felted balls of raw carded wool. Behind him is a few pinecones we decorated with wool for the finishing touches of our winter nature table. A kit I bought of plain wood nutcrackers at Thanksgiving-was a great idea. They loved painting them and I took the paint that they came with-threw it out and gave them natural pigment paints.The one on the left is Katias and the one on the right is Aidans.... I love looking at their different creative inspirations.

Snow is falling here in Michigan-before Christmas, that doesn't always happen-maybe we will go make some real snowmen....
Let it Snow,
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