Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Monday, January 2, 2012

Wool Felted Couch Christmas Gnomes or Gnomes for Any Occasion

My brothers and I laid the first few layers of wool batting

My lil brother put the inside stuffing in an old nylon and felted it on a washboard
He also placed a rock in the middle

My mom helped us by felting the color wool under a silk drape

Voila! We love him, he is ready for our couch!

I thought this picture was funny with his beard and eyebrows!

Happy New Years!
My family and I have been working on this Christmas Gnome for a week! We didn't get it done in time for Christmas because the wool took so long to dry. Today on New Years Day we all finished it, and he is so cute! Here are the steps to make the wool
1. One pound of plain bulk wool
2. 1/4 lb each red or black (any colors for body)
3. Soap
4. Hot water
5. A rock
6. a washboard
7. Needle and thread
8. Angel roving for beard and brows

This makes a perfect coach buddy, for the holidays or whenever!

Follow our instructions on how to make a wet wool picture on youtube,
we have a complete video that shows you how to wet felt the bottom layers, video is below.
We also chose to felt the inside wool too, to make in more compact and to
keep the rock we felted inside from slipping around,
Let dry
Sew the colored wool batting around the core, up the back,
Felt in the angel roving beard and brows,
Use a twisted piece of black roving for the eyes
and a Angel puff of white felted into the top,

Hope you enjoy your beautiful wool waldorf gift, check out our video below

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