Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Painting from the Core: Accessing Etheric Concepts of Art

My Daughter schooled in Waldorf and Orgonomy 9 years

Me- 18 years of forced compulsive education- Mechanical- rigid...

Someone with No exposure to Waldorf
So, my daughter and I have been working on paintings for my new spa.  We had an interesting experience.
I told her to take two colors and bring them together to spiral in the middle...except I described it as Red and Blue coming to get to make love in the center.  The idea was to get purple-and an etheric pattern of emotion on canvas.  Well, it was easy for her- with all of her freedom schooling and Waldorf influence- she tapped into the source and within minutes she completed a flowing product of color and feeling- a true masterpiece in my opinion.  She added just a bit of green at the end and yellow- because my office is green.
But then there was me, as much as I taught my children concepts of Waldorf art- I have yet to grasp the pure magic of Waldorf painting.  Mine, the middle was just a perfect spiral, with perfect colors- and it was vibrant-but it lacked the etheric and free concepts.  Then the last painting, I just had someone paint a spiral in rainbow and wanted to see the result- this is also a mechancical representation- color on top of color, a rigid spiral- almost compass like.  Well, I hope I have inspired you and have not discouraged you to get those feelings out on paper and make contact with the world through art...its never too late, and I am going to keep trying!

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