Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Dye Polish Easter Eggs- Pysanki

Blow out the eggs

Rinse the eggs

Mama's first 2011 pysanka in creation...

Drawing out the designs

Melting beeswax over the design

adding blue over yellow and green

Finish by melting the wax off

DD's Egg- GREAT JOB- it only took two hours!

My egg, after 4 years, it finally comes together...

Another awesome egg...

DS adds it to our Easter tree

More goodies for our waldorf nature table, I made the big wool egg last year!
Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter season.  It has been unseasonably cold here in Michigan.  My hubby keeps the fires warm and toasty until May!  Passing our time making easter creations.  Every year we make pysanki, my husband is Polish and this is something I do as a tribute to his ancestry.  It has taken us four years of painstaking broken eggs, ruined eggs, -you name it.  We finally turned out some decent eggs this year and how rewarding it was!  The children were completely illuminated by the project.  We listened to some big band CDs- and Judy Garlands easter parade.  It takes two days.  The first day we blow out the eggs, wash them and let them dry.  The second we draw, dip, wax, dip, wax, dip, melt- et=voila.  This Friday is Good Friday so we will spend the afternoon being silent and going to church.  On Easter Sunday we will do our yearly tradition of going to the German Catholic church I attended as a child in downtown Detroit.  This is always a magical experience and we hear the mass in Latin.  The church looks like a European cathedral and the sound of bells and the smell of easter lilies and frankincense fills the air.  This is an extra special Easter as it lands on ur 16 year wedding anniversary!  We go every year to our FAVORITE restaurant in Ann Arbor, called Cafe Zola, a zesty modern gallery of organic filet mignon and hand pummeled drinks...with an Argentinian chimichurri to die for!  Hope I inspire you to do something wonderful for your Easter this year!
Heart, Aurore

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