Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Pictures... A Time to Love

This weekend we had our annual Fete de Noel, or Christmas Party-
We had my husbands parents take some of these pictures of us.  If you received a Christmas card from us-you might be surprised to know that we take pictures the year before.  This way I can order 300 cards in October at a good price.  I prefer to do a traditional card with a beautiful quote- I don't like the picture greetings- which I resort to if I can't get them done in time.  So many of you continue to write me and send me cards and pictures-we have all of your photos up in our kitchen.  Which is making me think that my husband needs to build some type of photo tree or photo hanger-as I cherish everyone one of you so much. This week we will be back on track making real gemstone and crystal snowflakes for our tree and I will be sure to post some pictures of the dress I made for my daughter.  Today was a winter snow storm- my husband and I cuddled by the fire and drank my homemade egg nog and ate my Gingerbread custard pie.  If you want the recipe be sure to search back blogs from last year.  This continues to be a necessity of life!!  I am making him a merino wool scarf and hat with divine Rown wool-is is just magical- it is grey and black tweed and I am doing the tedious seed stitch- he loves it, sadly- he sees me working on it day and night- sometimes the kids do to but I am afraid because of the the knit one purl one pattern- they might make a mistake...so I carry on until Christmas- me and my elves!  My husband has been building me something special in his workshop- I can hear him and my sons hammering and sawing away in there- he has been very careful to hide it. Will let you know what it is!  Wishing you soo much love this holiday season!  Aurore

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