Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The task of Reading

Well, now that my little one is at Waldorf approved age to read-has all his adult teeth in, my husband and I have set to the important task of teaching him.  Only problem is, my older children are reading at French 6th grade level and German 3rd level and Spanish is still only first grade- their English is at high school level now...
This is no small task indeed for me!  I have been working in semesters for foreign language.  They have been at the longest stretch for French right now- as they have made some important gains in grammar and comprehension and I don't want to break their stride.  To help with this my husband has been teaching our 8 year old and it has been a great experience thus far-as he is ready and willing.  He is working in the Waldorf first readers from Bob and Nancys.com
Will keep you updated on the progression- video coming soon : )


  1. Well hey there, long lost friend! I've been MIA for a long time now, but saw your entry & popped on over. How awesome that you are covering foreign language. Can I ask which French books you are using?

    Also, looks like things are going well for you?!?! Are you staying put or still moving? Hugs to you all & misses,

  2. Hello love! I've missed you! Things are going better than ever and I am not moving....but moving forward..yes!
    As far as French goes- I buy everything through the FNAC in France and I pay dearly-in euros-
    I use all of the Magnard workbooks......and then I joined a French book club when my kids were at "L'ecole de Francaise" and I have a very exceptional French library, of all different levels....


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