Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Singing Lessons for the Melancholic Child

This weekend my daughter got a chance to sing at the local opera house-
I am very proud because the story of her singing is interesting- she was a melancholic waldorf child. So, I tried to follow the advice to get her singing as a remedial measure. However- it would not work- she was just too shy and melancholic. So last year I started something called the singing project- I took the kids around to retirement homes and I sang and they played.  We also made some videos with me singing-and decorated a myspace page together- for fun.  Soon, my daughters interest in singing sparked and she wanted to sing and me to sit down.  The hard part was singing lessons- as I had no money for singing lessons and piano- so, I taught her myself, I bought a book from Barnes and Noble and then we sang for an entire month-tapering off now to where they do it themselves-
Thus a star was born,
Now my daughter has her own genre, she prefers Judy Garland- 1940s music- and show tunes- she has a big voice and a strong vibrato- I can't help but to be proud of myself-for coaxing and developing this force that laid dorment within.

If you like this blog, read Dr. Aurore's book "Beyond Natural Cures" and check out her music program for kids- the AMHC.

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