Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Waldorf Forms for First Graders or Begginers in "Re-educating"

Waldorf forms on the chalkboard-this is the first step for young Waldorfers.  Xavi is almost 8 and last year we started with just circles, straight lines and wavy lines.  Standing up-all the way across the board-left hand and right hand.  This is one of the same processes I use for autistic children and developmentally challenged children in the office-even with adults who have had a brain injury or stroke.  This step is missing from most of our American education-especially now that the no child left behind act has taken out important chunks of necessary intellectual stages to properly develop the right and left brain.  I would not be exagerating if I said that we were all some degree-developmentally challenged.

This year we started working out of Melisa Nielsen's first grade book- but stopped- although I enjoyed her kindergarten book- this year was too much of a jump from one stage to another.  One thing I did not like is the introduction to pointed triangular forms prematurely- she jumped right in to them-without spending adequate time developing the rounded forms and waves.  Xavi is still on the rounded forms however he is learning to write his capital letter alphabet and so he is exposed to pointed forms now.  Very soon we will be moving onto pointed forms.
Here is a picture of some of the forms we work on- we always start with the basic circles and straight and wavy lines- the first form shown is a rounded mirror form-these are very important in countering dyslexic propensities within the child.  We also work on the mandala game a subject of another blog. 

The second form I found in the book "New Eyes for Plants" recently out of print but now back in.  It is a terrific Waldorf book on plants and the movement of life in seed to bud.  This form above, simulates the movement of growth of a plant from the ground up.  This is watery and wavey. 

Forms are therapeutic exercises for children and adults alike-not only do the stimulate the learning centers of the brain but also help to build pre drawing and writing skills.

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