Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pillowls an Easy Project for Pre-teen Waldorfers

Meet the Pillowls- these are my own idea and creation. For Christmas my daughter wanted an owl sheet set and comforter-however, I could not find any that were organic.  Luckily, Pottery Barn for kids did have a beautiful pink, blue and white organic set which had Japanese sakura on it (cherry blossoms) and little pagodas.  So, I guided her towards that set and assured her we could just "make the owls" ourselves- thus, the beginning of "Pillowls."

A trip up to our local Joann Fabrics was very exciting for her we bought a couple yards of different callico cotton fabrics from the money she received for Christmas.  We bought enough to make matching pillows as well (second picture from the top).  At home I had plenty of wool on hand-I always keep a bag or two full.  My 12 year old son joined in as well-everyone was interested in the "magical machine" but I had the 11 and 12 year old hand sew the eyes which they cut out by making different size circles.  The owl pattern was super easy-I drew it with chalk and cut them.  Then we made little double sided fabric wings, because real looking wings were important to her.  We stuffed them lightly and attached them with the beak and eyes-all made out of 100% wool felt from waldorfsupplies.com.

I machine stitched the owls myself but the older children machine stitched the coordinating pillows.  This was a weekend project but we are VERY pleased with the results. It all looks so enchanting and lively on her bed.  We have two more pillows to make today and then we will finish knitting her wool Mermaid-the focus of my next blog update.  Hoping this inspires you to turn off the TV and turn on your sewing machine : )

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