Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wool Painting: A Magical Christmas Gift

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I don't normally brag, especially about my Waldorf accomplishments because it takes so many years to perfect and learn, and for me that means "re-learning" or even attempting to clear out and rebuild my damaged educational psyche. However this new wool painting I made is brag worthy. We didn't have a lot of money this year for Christmas gifts so my son's and I made my daughter a wool picture for her room. It originally started out as an intended wool purse-but something went wrong in the welt felting process..either too much soap, not enough or the water-but we had to scratch the purse idea.

So, our big mistake became our grandest wool painting ever- this is three years after Rumplestilskin (see my website beyondnaturalmedicine)-and it took us no less then 10 hours to complete and the final ironing and hanging hasn't even been done yet. Here are the pictures of the process....this picture was inspired by the book "Magic Wool" by Wynstone Press.  Supplies were bought from Weir Crafts, Ann Arbor.

1 Wet Felt

2 Dry Felt

3 Lightly needle felt

4 Lightly wet felt

5 Iron

6 hang!

Tomorrow I will post up close pictures of each part of the picture-
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