Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa Will Be Home for Christmas: Make Your Own Waldorf Wool Santa

  • As you Waldorfer's know, we pride ourselves in only using natural materials for our children; wool, wood and silk. This is the essence of healthy homeschooling.

    This year for the holidays we made a wool roving santa, with a special merino beard...easy to make:

    You need:

    One cotton pipe cleaner

    A bit of non-toxic glue

    One ball of black roving,

    One ball of red roving,

One ball of plain carded raw wool

One small ball of angel white merino wool

One small ball of light pink for the face
One cardboard paper core as used for big spools of yarn,
if not-you may have to resort to
the dreaded styrofoam...

How to make:

Lightly glue the cone:
Wrap your black and red wool around according to the picture.

Use thin strips and go around two or three times..

Form a stiff needle felted white ball for the head, cover in light pink.

Stick a long nail through the head and glue a little and push through the body

Make the hat:
Needle felt a white cone shape in raw roving
wrap with red wool, needle felt a ball and trim for the hat
in raw wool.
Needle felt the hat onto the head- BE CAREFUL not to
needle the nail- as your needle will surely break!

Wrap pipe cleaner with raw wool strips, leave about an inch in the center unwooled-
then wrap with red and white trim- curl ends of pipe cleaner over and felt raw wool over black on the hands for mittens
Attach arms to area between head and neck, double wrap pipe cleaner to get it to the desired length.

Cut a long strip on merino angel wool- pull it out slightly,

attach to face by carefully needle felting- avoid the nail!
add patches of wool around the back for hair....

Good luck on your Christmas crafts!
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