Fleur du Soleil....

Fleur du Soleil....

Monday, December 28, 2009

Amazing Game for Growing Waldorfers.....

It has been coined the "Monopoly Killer"-and with good reason.  While on my way to get the game Monopoly for my older children for Christmas-I discovered this game.  I knew about Catan before but this new geography addition, which is filled with German facts, landscapes and ancient landmarks-is a complete package of learning and fun.  Because you trade things like wool, stone, wood, etc- makes it a perfect addition to a Waldorf lesson plan.  As Waldorfers use real materials like wood and wool to teach their children, their first exposure to the concept of money and buying is really preserved in a pre-step to monetary exchange in this game.  It is a long game, about 3 hours, however it is not critical to finish it all at once and I was really surprised when my seven year old joined in and instantly understood the concept of trading.  I am excited about the new Catan Geographies that will be coming out soon. This is a great intro to money-I am still planning on getting the game Monopoly or Life, sometime in the future. But until then, we cannot wait to play Catan-again and again!

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  1. Catan is wonderful! We've played a couple of different Catan games. The kids love them, and they really make you think. :)


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